December 8th, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Celebrate with Graphica as we travel along with a Himalayan friend as he visits family during the holidays.

November 16th, 2015

Pet Ownership: The Magic of Me

We love getting personal with pet lovers. It’s in our blood, our pedigree and our DNA.

October 28th, 2015

Jordan FTW (for the win)

As a design student, you wonder if the blood, sweat and tears (literally) will pay off in the long run.

October 22nd, 2015

The 8th mass media

Augmented reality is already all around you and available now!

October 20th, 2015

TEDxDayton 2015 RE-Viewed

TEDxDayton turned out to be another inspirational juggernaut for the area

October 15th, 2015

Behind the Selfies – The Graphica Summer Selfie Story

Why did we do a summer selfie competition? The answer is simple, really...

October 8th, 2015

The super boom!

Baby boomers have become super boomers as they increasingly become more tech-savvy, trend-driven and culturally aware

October 5th, 2015

Graphica welcomes new Program Manager

Sherry's primary function at Graphica will be to manage the production team where the agency's final designs come to life.

October 1st, 2015

Nobody’s reading your stuff…

The problem – We all have a lot to say and no one has time to read it.

September 28th, 2015

What I’ve learned after one month at Graphica

Has it really been a month already? As they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

September 22nd, 2015

Graphica welcomes new Junior Designer

Jordan Moyer joins Graphica from SAA in Dayton

September 17th, 2015

A Summer of Selfies - Thank You

As they say, you are all winners, especially if you took the time to share your summer experiences with us

August 18th, 2015

Graphica welcomes Director, New Business Development

In his new role, Cory will focus on new business development, often serving as the initial touch-point for prospective clients

May 18th, 2015

Positive impressions

A shift towards doing good before profits

May 8th, 2015

Guest blog: Nobody understands millennials

Recent DAAP grad Nina Rupp seeks to remedy the disconnect between marketers and Millennials

April 27th, 2015

State of the studio: What sets you apart?

What sets you apart? It is a question many agencies are asked by prospective clients

April 21st, 2015

Design trend: illustrations > stock photos

UI design trends continue to spread influence across all areas of design

The Web

April 9th, 2015

The only thing that is constant is change

Where the Web has been, where we are, and where we’re going in 2015

March 31st, 2015

Consumer insecurity in today’s internet of things

Customers are growing more concerned with how businesses are using and protect their information than what their selling.