Wednesday June 29th, 2016

A Brush with Hollywood - A Small Soldiers Story

We were engaged by Hasbro (then Kenner Toys)  to develop the licensed packaging program for Small Soldiers, the then new (1998) live action/animated movie – a combination of CG and live-action sets produced by DreamWorks, directed by Joe Dante and produced by Steven Spielberg (paired from Gremlins fame). The film revolves around two adolescents who get caught in the middle of a war between two factions of sentient action figures, the Gorgonites and the Commando Elite.

Graphica created a package design system for the film and all licensees that evokes the fantasy and scale of the film while generating excitement among kids and collectors alike. A distinctive package structure and color palette were created a that would help consumers identify Small Soldiers products and differentiate them from other movie franchises-specifically, a sea of 'Godzilla green' blister cards.

The look we developed was featured on-screen in the film and used by many toy manufacturers, as well as promotions for Burger King and the NASCAR Small Soldiers liveried car that was driven by Bobby Labonte that year.

Today, the Small Soldiers toys (in their original package) command top dollars on the collectible market.