Wednesday April 20th, 2016

A Change In Protocol

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the protocol that manages the connection between web servers and your browser. It’s been with us since the very first website, but for the first time in a long time we have a new version on the rise – HTTP/2.

If ain’t broke, don’t fix it:

It’s a good saying, however, HTTP/2 is a much needed update to HTTP/1.1, the last last major revision from 1999. The current protocol does not perform well when having to retrieve large quantities of resources that today’s websites require in order to provide you with beautiful imagery, stunning design and clever user experiences.

What HTTP/2 does in basic terms is create a better way to manage the content being loaded into the websites you view.

When does HTTP/2 Release?

HTTP/2 was actually completed in February 2015. Since then browser support has been great, with many major websites already adapting to using the new protocol.

Do I need to update my website?

No, luckily HTTP/2 is backwards-compatible with HTTP/1.1. If you were to ignore HTTP/2 it would be possible to keep your website working as it always has. As more browsers support HTTP/2, some of your website’s best practices will begin to start to slow your website’s performance though. This means that eventually upgrading to the HTTP/2 protocol may be beneficial to your user’s experience.

We at Graphica are prepared to make sure your website’s users are having the best experience possible. For more information regarding HTTP protocols, please feel free to get in touch by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

J.D. Cutter,

Senior Front-End Web Developer

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