Thursday May 11th, 2017

Airstream "Here/There" Ad Series

Airstream’s following –  and potential following –  is as diverse as anyone can imagine. Who hasn’t fantasized about living, working or traveling the country in their very own silver bullet? To reach Airstream’s four defined consumer segments and to ensure effective messaging to them, Graphica created a unique ad series we call “Why There? Be Here.” helping consumers visualize the opportunity to truly live the dream.

Considering the diversity of our audience, we depicted scenarios representing future “streamers” in a variety of everyday situations – whether working, playing or commuting – contrasted with the alternative of enjoying a better version of that activity - in an Airstream. In keeping with the brand’s personality, all of the Travel Trailer and Touring Coach ads had a tinge of humor about them, further engaging our targets and allowing them to consider why not.

The eleven-ad series, delivered in both print and as quirky animated GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format), was broad enough to capture an array of possibilities and specific enough to speak directly to our target audiences, asking “Why dream?” Airstream.