Friday January 6th, 2012

Are you responsive or adaptive?

What’s it all about? And which is better?

“Responsive versus adaptive” is the most current debate involving web design and it was the hot topic at the HOW Interactive Design Conference recently held in San Francisco. Graphica designer Brent Presley boarded his very first plane to be in the mix, get the jump on web trends for 2012 and be part of the conversation surrounding this issue.

And, in case you’re still wondering what it’s all about…not all websites are created equal. And they’re not designed the same.

  • Responsive web design considers the user’s browsing, or “viewing,” experience – whether it’s from a mobile phone or on a 27-inch desktop monitor – and grows or shrinks the visual layout accordingly
  • Adaptive web design is more focused on functionality and creates a user experience by “adapting” to the capabilities of the device/browser. If your device allows you to share your location, for example, a retail site may “adapt” and guide you to the nearest location

“With everyone jumping on the mobile and tablet device bandwagon, designing a website that adjusts automatically to the size of the browser window creates not only new challenges but new possibilities as well,” said Brent.

“It was an amazing conference. I came away with information from some of the best professionals in the industry and am now armed with enough information to steer my design process into forward-thinking, interactive design.”

He shared his HOW experience – along with some fun photos and travel insight of his first flight – with the team back here at Graphica, including other hot topics like successful content management systems, SEO and content strategy, information architecture, JavaScript, Flash, CSS3, and more.

It just goes to show there’s always something new to explore in the www (wonderful world of web).