Thursday April 14th, 2016

Boisterous Branding of Bruin

As part of our challenge to redesign Toys“R”Us’ private label identity and packaging system, Graphica had the fantastic opportunity to visually position BRUIN as aspirational and more importantly, inspirational. One of the most significant branding misses we saw in the market overall (among even the biggest toy brands), was the feeling of pure, raw excitement conveyed through super-expressive model photography, attached to a brand’s personality. To us, the answer to how to visually elevate Bruin was obvious – feature kids who are clearly, wildly excited about their toys – ad-lib, spontaneous, imperfect, over-the-top excited! Initial concepts were tremendously received both by Toys“R”Us leadership and a proven winner in international consumer test results.

Art-directing the photography for the entire product range was a blast and even more fun, was seeing kids completely come alive in the shoot! Doing what they did most naturally – singing at the top of their lungs into their microphones, jumping in the air playing their electric guitars, jamming like crazy on the drums, pounding on their workbenches and just having silly fun–whipping it up as only kids can do.

In letting the kids just be kids, we captured them at their best and that excitement is infectious. Kids were hysterical seeing other kids having so much fun. Bruin’s new kid-directed super-fun image tops their competitors, hands down.

Jean Silverstein,

Director, Design Innovation


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