Tuesday February 28th, 2012

Branding for babies 101

This isn’t your mother’s marketplace. Today’s parents seek brands that are clean and engaging. They crave humor and have less time. Juvenile brands must stand out on a shelf and quickly convey a sense of nurturing, trust and joy. So when power-player Toys “R” Us looked to leverage its franchise and extend the strength of their Babies “R” Us brand globally, and for a vast range of products, they asked Graphica to take a peek.

We recommended peek-a-boo…and bubbles! A fresh band of translucent, overlapping bubbles became the primary backdrop for packaging featuring irresistible and unexpected photos of babies in “peek-a-boo” scenarios. Babies nestled and sleeping. Babies in bubble bath. Babies on the move. All from within the safety of their own “identity” bubble. Who could resist?

Certainly not modern parents. Not our client, either. Paired with a flexible architecture and with concise design guidelines in place, Babies “R” Us was quick to embrace the sweet new face of their brand and started spreading the love. And that has their competitors drooling.