Monday November 14th, 2016

Breathing Life Into the Mundane

If you are a marketer in a business-to-business (B2B) industry, you know how hard it can be to convey how exciting and compelling your company’s capabilities or products really are. Your company may have the most advanced, breakthrough technology in the industry, but compared to those fortunate enough to get to create campaigns and ideas for dynamic brands like Budweiser, Apple, or Red Bull, your business might be… well, boring.

But never fear, now more than ever, there are ways for B2B companies to show their customers how awesome they really are.

The Olden Days (Last year…)
For as long as can be remembered many B2B business have demonstrated their capabilities and products through the use of tried and true communication vehicles:

  • Website copy
  • Sales brochures
  • White papers
  • Spec sheets

These methods are good because of their long-form writing, therefore complex processes, product lists, data sets, and disclaimers can be contained all in one place. The problem? For many decision makers, reading through a “wall of text” can be daunting and it is difficult to demonstrate value or functionality. 

Bringing B2B into the Now!
B2B decision makers and purchasing agents are relying more and more on digital content to vet suppliers and strategic partners. Video and interactive graphics make the process easier and more interesting for your clients. Imagine that!

Advances in technology have made video and interactive content production lead times and costs more within the reach of B2B marketing budgets. More importantly, the Internet has made it easier and cheaper for your target audience to find your content. Traditional spec sheets, white papers, and brochures will still be important to the client; but digital content can more effectively educate, demonstrate value, and answer questions B2B customers may have.

What would we make?
Building interesting video and interactive content must start with a goal in mind. These goals might be:

  • Explaining a complex processes
  • Demonstrating complicated business capabilities
  • Answering common problems/questions
  • Teaching the customer how to buy products like yours

Video and interactive content allow you to show your customers who you are, rather than telling them who you are.

Case in point
Hexion Specialty Chemicals is a $5 billion B2B supplier of resins, base chemicals, and adhesives. Their customers include multiple industries – automotive, aerospace, wind energy, oil and natural gas, and the forest products industry.

Graphica has helped create several videos to outwardly demonstrate their capabilities, applications, and the benefits of using many of the products that their customers create. Below are some examples.

Title: “So Many Reasons to Choose Wood”
Use: Tradeshow, Website, YouTube

“Engineered Wood All Around You”
Use: Tradeshow, Website, YouTube

“Hexion Corporate Video”
Use: Tradeshow, Website, YouTube

See more of Graphica’s video capabilities!

Sam Brubaker,

Director, Strategic Marketing & Accounts

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