Thursday May 25th, 2017


When you hear these words, images of Cuban dancers from the early 50's may populate your mind. However, in Dayton “cha-cha” has an entirely different meaning. Our cha I cha is an event hosted by the Women's Board of Dayton Children's Hospital. The event is a bi-yearly fundraiser and occurred earlier this year. Our involvement started two years upstream of the event when we were asked to be the in-kind marketing sponsor for cha I cha 2017.

The 2017 event was focused on elevating the patient experience with the addition of a new communications system. The system is to create a real-time, integrated, holistic view of each patient — ensuring children, families and hospital staff are connected. This is just one of the technology enhancements being made to the new 260,000 square foot patient tower scheduled to open this year.

Our first meeting with key members of the Women's Board centered on understanding their vision, their history and expectations for the upcoming event. We discussed possible themes and brand personality. Based on the focus for the 2017 event, we developed the theme "Connect." In addition to creating a look and feel for the event, we also reviewed the current identity of cha I cha. The existing identity didn't fit the personality and vision of the Women's Board. We provided new identities for both cha I cha and the event theme. The two identities complemented each other and provided a fresh and unified direction.

We developed tools to support their fundraising efforts, which included a website, various printed materials and multiple event deliverables.

As we moved through the design stages with the Women’s Board, we were also developing the new brand identity for Dayton Children's Hospital. It was key to work on both of these initiatives in tandem, assuring cha I cha aligned with the hospital's new identity.

The night of the event was magical, as the theme “Connect” bathed the venue in color. The two-year fundraising efforts culminated on that evening. It was well attended by an audience of over 600 and raised a record-breaking total, over $650,000. It was the most financially successful cha | cha ever, topping 2015’s event by nearly $90,000.

We were honored to support this effort and it was a delight to work with the Women's Board. Way to go, cha I cha!

“Thank you to everyone at Graphica...for all your input, guidance, creative and strategic support. It made a valuable, measurable difference…”
-Deborah LiBrandi, Co-Chair