Friday April 28th, 2017

Color Reflections: Instagrammable Color

Instagram, by definition, is a social media platform used to share photos and videos. We see it as a canvas to establish and express your brand and promote your unique POV. Each square represents a window into a moment of our lives...a snapshot in "the feed" of our story.

You’re probably familiar with the term “Instagram theme.” For some, this means posting the same type of content (beauty, fashion, food, etc.); for others, color is foundational to their story. Not only does color solidify their “brand,” but it also creates an aesthetically pleasing feed for their followers to scroll through.

Color can be used in many ways to create a theme. Some, like Xuzzi (@xuzzi) and Mary Seng (@happilygrey), project a monochromatic image by focusing every composition on their color of choice, creating a cohesive look overall.


Others, Like Sam Ushiro (@aww.sam) and Maria Marie (@cestmaria), use a rainbow of colors to tell a more whimsical tale. This approach can create a more interesting and visually engaging feed.

Research shows Instagram themes have lives beyond social media. Often we coordinate our offline lives, such as the clothes we wear and the places we go, with our online aesthetic so as to always have moments that are “grammable.” Color becomes an integral part of our story. Are you white jade or orchid mist? What are your true colors?

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