Tuesday February 21st, 2017

Color Reflections: The Color of Winter

For those of us here in Ohio, the end of February is an exciting time of year because it means winter is almost over and the sun will soon return from its three-month hiatus. Winter for us is usually cold, rainy and snowy, and generally gray. But winter isn’t so monochromatic all across the U.S. Why else would people vacation in Florida for the entirety of the season? In this post, we’ll use color to reflect on what winter looks like in four different places across the country: California, Wisconsin, Florida, and New York.

While we’re covered in snow and ice, the golden state is basking in the rays of sunlight and surrounded by lush greenery brought to life by a few blue/gray rainy days throughout the season.

In a state that sees temperatures well below zero and snowfall measures in feet, winter is mostly white. It’s cold, crisp, ice blue, and the perfect place to enjoy winter in all of its glory.

Cool blue waters, the warmth of golden sunlight, and the perfect amount of shade under the green fronds of a palm tree. Even on a “chilly” 60 degree day, winter in Florida is picturesque.

New York
Yellow taxis are the evergreen trees of NYC. Winter is a sparkly and busy season in the city that never sleeps. After the holiday decorations are taken down and the confetti is cleared from Times Square, the snow begins to pile up, but that doesn’t stop New Yorkers.

Depending on where you live, winter can be an array of colors. From the warm yellow sunshine of a Florida beach to the ice cold blue of a Wisconsin mountain. Winter is more than gray.

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