Thursday April 27th, 2017

Conscious Creatives

We’ve heard about how critical it is that brands react in order to connect with (ever-changing) future consumers. Understanding how to engage with them starts with a creative mindset.

Having the opportunity to participate in critiquing the collections of the DAAP Fashion Design department last week, provided the perfect window into the core of the 2017 senior class, who demonstrated just how hard-wired they are to deliver – they are truly conscious creatives.

Major priorities repeated themselves: eco-efficiency, touch, accountability, flexible identities, maximization of ordinary moments and raw self-expression.

Demonstrating new expressionism was reflected in an assortment of ways: outwardly exploring the balance of comfort-discomfort, confronting vulnerability, self-esteem, intimacy, understanding and reconciling one’s heritage. Some, very soft, delicate and dreamlike as in Angie Griffith’s “Viaggio,” and others, in more uncomfortable, even grotesque styling. Getting onboard with the importance of authenticity and accountability is clearly crucial.

A stark example and combination of outward (sarcastic) expression and the universal cravings of both physical and emotional contact, was exhibited in Courtney Campbell’s “The iGeneration.” This, and other collections that address the tactilians among us, stressed the importance of infusing touch into our worlds of sleek, cool-surfaced technology.

Numerous collections addressed how imperative sustainability actions are to this generation, whether through recycling or production with fewer resources or hazardous emissions. However, none addressed it quite so directly as Ellie Yahoey’s collection, made from locally-sourced, recycled fabrics –  and entirely without the use of electricity.

I could go on and on about how impressed I was by this sophisticated class of creatives. They exemplify the opportunity for us all to be smarter, provide more relevant, meaningful content and to create more immersive brand experiences.

Oh, and don’t miss the show tomorrow night!

Jean Silverstein,

Director, Design Innovation


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