Monday April 25th, 2016

Fashion Forward & Beyond

There's nothing like the powerful artistry of truly, fresh creative expressed by design – and nothing is as exciting as that expression translated into fashion!

Being a critic for UC's DAAP Fashion Design department is always inspiring for me. The 2016 Senior Class critique was so moving, not only because of its always-awesome visual exhibition, but hearing each student's personal narrative about what actually inspired that creativity is such an interesting and exclusive window into each student's mind.

Tessa Clark's Grind and Glaze stood out. Her beautifully crafted, gorgeous neutral collection of exaggerated sleeves, textural play and intricate details was topped off with hardware, handmade by her mother. The perfect touch to a collection that embodied the daydreams of her youth.

Grind and Glaze

Among other collection standouts was Brandon Bower's Reality Baptism, which expressed the heaviness of life at times, through weighty, but comfortably distorted shapes. Chelsea Kathman unveiled a child's quirky imagination and innocence in an inspirational, carefree mix of patterns, circles and color. Artfully arranged, Nonsensical, was anything but. Last, but certainly not least, Chloe Watkins' Special Collection of wearable soft sculptural art elements was the embodiment of non-conventional fashion expression. Sure to be a runway spectacle. Don't miss the big show this Friday night.


Jean Silverstein,

Director, Design Innovation


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