Thursday February 7th, 2013

Google Apps: Why?

Graphica recently migrated to Google Apps. Why the change?

  1. Stability, Reliability and Uptime. We are a creative art firm, not an IT outfit. Focusing on what we do best and letting a firm like Google do what it does best (i.e. maintain email, calendar, and shared document services) just makes sense. No longer do we have to pause in the middle of what we are doing to fix email issues. Instead, we can focus on what we do best: creative and communications solutions for our clients!
  2. Improved Technologies = Happier Employees. Google quality Email, Calendar, Documents and IM services say it all. We can easily access and sync our email, calendars and files and do so much more with Google Apps; anytime, anywhere. Setting up mobile devices, accessing our documents and reserving a conference room for a meeting is no longer a headache. Instant Messaging and Email capabilities are greatly improved over what we had before. Forget the days of running out of email space or getting those “the attachment is too large” messages. And Google Docs gives us the ability to access our documents from anywhere while making sure we are all working from the same version. And you have to admit that multiple people updating the same document at once is really cool. All this and more with a single user id and password... this makes happier and more productive employees!
  3. Cost Savings: We get more for less. We can maintain a couple email servers, ensure software is up-to-date and spend hours trying to resolve network issues...or we can pay less per year and know that Google is taking care of all the IT stuff for us. We might be creative people, but we know some basic math and economics, too! Saving money is good.
  4. Security. Have you ever had your account hacked? Or thought a spam message was actually legit? We can’t say that we have, but why risk it? Google knows better than we do how to protect us from spam messages, virus-infected emails and how to prevent people from hacking our accounts. We like security and privacy.

Alan Cunningham,