Wednesday August 3rd, 2011

Graphica gets to 2011 Paris Air Show…tout suite!

When aerospace giant Honeywell asked Graphica to help them prepare for the world’s leading aviation and space event, we got busy with strategy and creative that would be right on target. When they asked us to have it in Paris in a few weeks, we had to start working on the fly.

As a long-time communications partner, Graphica knew Honeywell’s history, its solution offerings and key industry pursuits. We created a messaging platform that tied into Honeywell’s business initiatives and partnered with their European vendors to ensure final materials were delivered on time.

Graphics were sharp, simple and direct, designed to keep clients engaged at every touch point across a variety of show deliverables, including luncheon invitations, evites, chalet wall panels, running video, and press event banners for Honeywell’s history-making first transatlantic biofuel flight, which landed at the show.

Strategy, messaging and design, all right on target, all delivered on time with the clock ticking. Impressed? Honeywell’s “first flight” was pretty cool, too.