Wednesday April 17th, 2013

Keyword that!

An AdWords campaign isn’t something you do once and move on. For a campaign to be successful, many factors are involved and it requires constant attention, tweaking, analysis and testing to come up with proven results. Let’s take a look at just one of the many factors that can either make or break your campaign: keywords.

There’s more to it than simply jotting down a few keywords and phrases you think your audience will type in their browser to find you or your product online. Let’s say, for instance, you sell candle-making supplies. Simply using the word “wax” in an online ad will not be effective enough. Your ad may show up to people who are really searching for such things as Gigi wax, hot wax, sugar wax, leg wax and even hair removal wax. Pretty hairy stuff – and definitely not your target audience.

So what reward awaits you when you invest the time to analyze your keyword data, weed out the bad keywords from the good and execute your new strategy? Better ROI, a more cost-effective ad spend, higher quality score and better results for less money – and I’m just getting started.

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Denise Armentrout,

Web Production Manager