Monday June 2nd, 2014

Looking back with admiration: Graphica celebrates 30 years

The year 1984 was an important one for the world of design. Apple launched its first Macintosh personal computer, Sony introduced the first commercial CD player, TED held its first global conference, and Los Angeles hosted the 1984 Summer Olympics that were hailed as a success of design thinking. That same year, Graphica opened its doors with a handful of young and ambitious creatives and now we will celebrate our 30th anniversary.

We started out with a few great clients like Mead, NCR, Crown Equipment, Kroger, Procter & Gamble, Armco (now AK Steel) and Kenner Toys (now Hasbro.) We also worked with some large advertising agencies such as D'Arcy-MacManus & Masius creating Budweiser and Michelob storyboards. We had in-house photographers that shot Huffy bicycles, later creating their own successful company AGI Photography of which we still work closely with today. Several of our clients date back to the beginning of our existence and we continue to forge new relationships today. While we sometimes are labeled as experts, every project is unique whether it is to a particular audience, service or client. We approach each challenge as a learning experience, constantly adding to our skill set and partnering with our clients to discover the best solutions.

With success comes reward, so we celebrate the end of the week with a beer party, where we share the triumphs and tribulations of various projects. Those learning experiences allow us to grow and adapt as technology introduces itself into our workflow. Becoming adept at thinking of the bigger picture rather than the picture that was taped to our drawing table. We learned from each other and that teaching opportunity became exponentially bigger when the World Wide Web was introduced. We Asked Jeeves a lot...a whole lot! New faces and new techniques are part of the Graphica fabric. We continue to learn and adapt today, employing the time tested skills, methods, and tactics of smart marketers. Understanding ourselves and breaking out of the 9-5 "shirt and tie crowd" was important to creating a new generation of creatives. Our team members come from varied backgrounds with unique work experience that help contribute to the overall Graphica brand. Our Midwestern values and location allow us to build strong relationships with our clients wherever they reside.

Many wonderfully talented people have come through our doors and many have gone on to find great individual success. It's true, the faces of Graphica have evolved over the years, much like the company location, the Graphica logo, and certainly the employee's sense of fashion, but one thing hasn't changed, our basic philosophy; better before cheaperin other words, we compete on differentiators rather than price. Our expectation is to exceed your expectation every time.

Graphica has withstood the shifting winds of fashion, the elitism of the design industry, the economic downturns, the creative recession and the consolidation of what was an industry of individuality. Through the years Graphica has remained a premiere problem-solver for brands. We trust our gut, we have traveled a long way, gained many experiences and produced many creative solutions. Take a look at some of these solutions here and see how they have given shape to the Graphica you see today.