Wednesday May 23rd, 2012

Mark who?

Brilliant, creative mind celebrates momentous life events, makes serious adjustment to relationship status, joins the “youngest multi-billionaires of the world” club. Did you think we were talking Zuckerberg? Nope.

It’s a big summer for our longtime, sporadic co-op intern, Mark Gerlach:

  • He’s graduating from the Digital Design program at the University of Cincinnati in June.
  • In October, he’s marrying longtime love-of-his life, Amanda.
  • He’s making the jump to full-time Graphica employee. (OK, it’s not quite the same as your baby cash cow going public at a full sprint, but hopefully he’s on his way.)

We’re happy for Mark on all accounts, but especially excited about that last one – he’ll be joining our web department as a designer for digital media. And why wouldn’t we be? Take a look at some of Mark’s awesome work!

(And here’s a suggestion: if you’re having a baby anytime soon, this is apparently a first name destined for greatness.)