Tuesday July 8th, 2014

Millennials: Defined, explained & illustrated

Millennials began challenging marketers as soon as they had enough money in their pocket to choose Chipotle over Burger King. You see, the first Millennials were arguably born in 1980...I should know, I have the distinction of being an 'elder Millennial.' What I can say without hesitation is that we (Millennials) are VERY different from our parents and even our Gen-X brethren.

Here at Graphica, our curiosity around why any of this matters motivated action to research statistics, trends, demographics and sentiment. Of course we could have simply blogged on the topic or maybe designed a print infographic, but true Millennials need to challenge convention if we are to properly tell our own story. In the end this was a great opportunity to showcase segmentation, data visualization and motion graphics all in one place. And now, without further ado, we present Millennials: Defined, Explained & Illustrated.


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Ryan Pearson,

Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist 

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