Monday November 16th, 2015

Pet Ownership: The Magic of Me

We love getting personal with pet lovers. It’s in our blood, our pedigree and our DNA. We speak their love language. And, oh how they love to share: a story about a beloved childhood buddy, a loving companion they’ve had to say goodbye to, or a sleepless night with a new puppy. These stories connect us.

Our short animated infographic shares a few highlights about this incredible bond. Pet Ownership: The Magic of Me

Pets of all shapes, sizes and species bring warmth to our lives. They teach us to open up our hearts, show us their tender bellies and love us unconditionally. Pets simply become extensions of us.

We want our furbabies to eat like we eat, mirroring our own food trends: “clean eating,” all natural and grain free. The industry is listening and fueling the fast-growing super-premium pet food channel. Newly prepared foods use high-quality ingredients and production methods, no fillers or cheap components. This translates to human-grade, gourmet meals. And treats are just as important: artisanal dog biscuits, meat-flavored ice cream, venison chipolatas and bonito shaved fish flakes – they’re all on the menu.

We humanize our pets. Our desire to provide for their health, wellbeing and appearance is being answered with a growing range of products and services, from pampering at pet spas to doggie daycare. And we want our pets to be as gizmo-savvy as we are … sporting the latest technology with location tracking and activity monitoring. We want to see into the “secret life” of our furry friends with pets’-eye-view cameras. The wearable tech market, for pets, is estimated to reach $2.6B by 2025, says IDTechEX.

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