Thursday June 16th, 2016

Petting Personal

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we love pets. We love following them on social media, watching funny videos of them online, and most importantly we love spoiling our four-legged family members with products made just for them.

As consumers there’s nothing we appreciate more than a product or service that feels like it was made specifically for us, and we expect no less for our pets. With high-end pet stores popping up around the globe and the pet product industry growing and getting more personal, custom food bowls, collars and name tags are becoming the standard for pet products. It’s no longer about choosing which product is the least boring, but rather which product reflects our pet’s identity.

Take Zee Dog for example. A company started in Los Angeles by two brothers who had just adopted two dogs and couldn’t find pet products that fit their personalities. So instead they created their own and now sell a wide variety of products including leashes, food bowls, and even skateboards. Finding a brand that appeals to your unique style is a major trend amongst consumers, so it makes sense that it’s now carrying over to the pet industry as well.

Marketing to pet lovers is second nature to us here at Graphica because, really, we’re marketing to ourselves. Ready to talk strategy, design, digital or the age old cats vs. dogs debate? Just throw us a bone.