Monday May 18th, 2015

Positive impressions

What was the last thing you shared online? Actually, here’s a better question; how did it make you feel? Over the past few years there has been a trend with online content that picked up some serious steam in 2014 and shows no signs of disappearing in 2015 — a feeling of good.

That good isn’t always an emotional response of joy. Sometimes when you feel good its because you feel proud of making a statement, perhaps from feeling a sense of awe, wonder, or standing up for something important to you. These feelings of good are are infectious and have been echoing through people.

According to Lee Brown, Chief revenue officer at Buzzfeed, there are three major reasons why people share online video content today – identity, emotional gift, and information.


Content that you can identify with is everywhere. They are the moments when you form a connection with what is being shown to you and could easily see yourself saying the message. One of the most shared identity moments in 2014 came from “Weird Things All Couples Fight About”.

Emotional Gift

Just as the title suggests, this type of content produces some level of emotional response, and as we know from last years statistics laughter and awe were the top two shared emotions in 2014. One of the best belly laughs I had this year came from this video of a young boy’s halloween costume and some problems it presented.


Now I know someone out there just mentally asked, “What does information have to do with feeling good?” It’s a legitimate question, but I think we need to look outside the word and relate it back to the first two points we just made. Information doesn’t have to be the latest news on CNN. Sometimes it can be something as simple as the video below of how to tie scarf in multiple methods.

Again, it all comes back to being able to relate to whether you can identify with it and if it brings you a level of emotional satisfaction while being informational.

This is great for personal social sharing, but what about business?

Ray Kroc said it best, “Look after the customers and the business will take care of itself.” There is a movement afoot, to put people before profits. Companies are publicly announcing the betterment of working environments, providing their staff with benefits to improve their lives, and building their foundations based around core principles and charitable givings hoping to give worldly purpose instead of just pocketing profits. And this is a demand consumers are not only backing, but spearheading in hopes of having a guilt free buying experience.

For the staff, companies everywhere are coming up with new and motivating perks to keep employees happy and hard working. When Clif Bar moved to a new headquarters they focused on letting in plenty of natural light, provided bikes for riding, and a 40-foot bouldering wall with fitness centers offering yoga, dance and massage among other facility perks. Google, in hopes of keeping employees happy and at the office without care, has provided similar fitness opportunities, but also free laundry machines, bike repairs, haircuts, carwashes and more.

Not all perks are employee focused though. At Sevenly, they built their company on the principle of helping others. $7.00 of every item purchased goes to charity. Which charity you ask? Well it updates on a weekly basis. This week is the Special Olympics World Games LA2015, next week it may be Habitat for Humanity. In total this model has helped to raise $4,386,102 in charitable donations and helped 1,363,512 people in need. But just as important, has empowered a guilt free buying experience and boosted their company into a successful and viral company with over $20,000,000 in total profits and they’re not the only one.

What we’re seeing is that when you put good into the world, you succeed. The positive impressions being left with people are a far greater currency than the dollar is going in today’s business world, and the emotional satisfaction is something you can’t buy.


J.D. Cutter,

Senior Front-End Web Developer

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