Wednesday March 8th, 2017

Resonate Financial Advisors

Resonate Financial Advisors believe that personal wealth is most fulfilling when it integrates with and supports one’s richness of life. Their unique blend of quantitative and qualitative financial planning helps form strategies to clarify and achieve meaningful and life-enhancing financial objectives, as defined by each individual.

To present a compelling brand impression reflective of Resonate’s values-based strategy, we developed a cohesive corporate image that conveyed confidence, compassion and distinction. It was key to quickly and effectively communicate the relationship-driven approach of Resonate. A critical component of the new website we developed for Resonate is video, a medium that is readily consumed and understood by consumers. We created several short videos that reflect the values-based financial planning and Barb’s personal commitment to life purpose, philanthropy and legacy planning.

Resonate understands that personal values and financial decisions are linked. Graphica’s insight into effectively connecting with their desired client base on an emotional and intellectual level set the stage to successfully align purpose and wealth.