Monday April 27th, 2015

State of the studio: What sets you apart?

What sets you apart? This is a question many agencies are asked by prospective clients. The immediate reflex is to answer by pushing your world class strategy, planning and design to the front of the line, but then you realize that every successful agency does the same thing. There are many impressive groups that can deliver quality services. There are also many exceptionally talented designers, writers, thinkers and planners who serve up beyond expectations – it's an expected standard we all maintain (along with many others). But that is all "after the fact" in many ways. I'm not discounting the efforts made, but what really sets agencies apart are the relationships they have with their clients in the first place. Relationships are established by people interacting with people, however putting the right people in place can often be key. Over the last year Graphica has done just that with the addition of a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Director, Strategic Marketing & Accounts and Front-End Developer. These folks add depth and breadth to an already savvy team of designers, marketers and developers. However one thing still reigns supreme over any talent or skill...the ability to forge meaningful, long-term relationships.

The relationship is the single, most valuable asset the agency can have with a client. It is one formed of trust and collaboration, and from that comes success in many forms. Trust in the part where a client can rely on your experience and insight, and know that you have their best interests at heart. A true partnership with no competition to dominate the relationship. Respect for each other is another important aspect of any successful team. Sharing ideas and collaborating can be very fulfilling for both sides and often leads to a deeper relationship. So, maybe it is a lot like dating or choosing good friends. Being selective with who you decide to invest your time with and where the future may take you. IF you get along with each other, good or perhaps great things may follow. I think that is what sets you apart. Especially if you can look back and see how many of those turn into rewarding relationships.

Graphica has developed many long-standing client relationships over the past 30 years, some going back to our most humble beginnings. We value those relationships as we feel that is what uniquely sets us apart from other groups.

As we look into this year and review the prospective client landscape, we think about the potentials for client relationships as a factor for best-fit clients. Building a successful future requires a little time and effort to think about what would be best for you and your potential new client. Who are these exciting individuals looking for world class agencies in their own backyards? How do we introduce ourselves and begin new relationships? And if we're fortunate enough to have a discussion with them, we know one of those questions most likely will be; “What sets you apart?”