Friday October 21st, 2016

TEDxDayton 2016: Search

TEDxDayton was yet another huge inspirational magnet for the greater Dayton area. Here at Graphica we upped our game by joining TEDxDayton as a sponsor this year. Of course the real reason we’re involved is to get in on the inspirational action the day of the event, so we sent a few folks to get the low-down. JD Cutter and Jordan Moyer (both first time TEDx-ers) report on their experiences below:

The TED talks are a stream of media that I’ve been following for years now, but never had the opportunity to attend. The entire concept of hearing the thoughts of others in a non-bias environment in hope of inspiration and opening up your own perspective is definitely an idea worth spreading.

That being said, it’s a far different experience hearing the speakers’ ideas in person. I had the wonderful opportunity to hear from people such as Ambassador Tony Hall who crusaded the message, “Do the thing in front of you,” passed on to him during his time volunteering as a congressman alongside Mother Teresa. I listened to Salma Albezreh, a thirteen-year-old student from Morton Middle School speaking poetically about her life experiences with prejudice and her story in retaining her namesake of “the peaceful girl.” I even heard similar points of view to my own with people like Darren Kall, a User Experience Designer, explaining to us the invisible efficiencies he and his teams have been involved in that have saved lifetimes worth of time without us even knowing it.

Among those speaking at TEDxDayton was Ryan Ireland, Publicity and Marketing Coordinator for the Greene County Public Library, that left the greatest impression on me. He spoke about the future of libraries – ”Makerspaces.” Areas intended for open, creative conversation with tools and materials provided for free to visitors. More than traditional materials like straws, construction paper and markers. But power drills, socket wrench sets, circuit relays and 3D printers can be made available to those hoping to breathe in creativity. Essentially engaging not just our minds, but providing exploration of skills. An idea I found really inspired.

This was my first year attending a TEDx event and it was truly moving to see the creativity and passion we have here in Dayton. This year the speakers covered topics ranging from how to host the perfect party according to Betty Crocker to fighting stereotypes and learning to be kinder to one another.

While every speech was engaging, Cassie Guard, a burlesque dancer with a bright personality and the hair to match, gave the message that resonated most with me. Her message “Don’t listen to society when it says ‘you can’t do that,’ find someone who says ‘yes you can, let me show you how.’” It was so inspiring to see a woman have such confidence in who and what she was, not who society thought she should be.

All in all it was a great event organized by the Dayton community. I look forward to attending again in the future.

Graphica is grateful to have been involved with such an amazing organization and can’t wait to see what TEDxDayton 2017 has in store for all of us!