Wednesday July 6th, 2016

The Power of Website Visual Builders

Websites are made to look easy, but for anyone who's built and maintained one we know different. Even with the advancement of content management systems (CMS) there is debris in the road to trip you up from getting your website to look exactly how you want it. And often you may find that the seemingly simple tasks demonstrated by experts can be far more difficult when you try them for yourself. So you reach back out to experts for their help in hopes of relieving your website frustrations, because that’s just the way it is right? Wrong. There is a new trend making its way through websites recently and it is most definitely here to stay – visual builders.

What is a visual builder?

Visual builders – also known as page builders and visual composers – are plugins/components often found in website themes or their core files that provides you the ability to structure and design pages with minimal time and effort. With a visual composer you are granted the ability to make structural modifications swiftly without the necessary need for code level expert assistance!

But isn’t that just a Content Management System?

Yeah, my brain went there the first time I heard about them too. When you get a chance to work with them you begin to realize that visual builders are so much more. A content management system at its most basic installation will create for you a space that is predefined for you to enter in your content that the CMS then distributes to a defined section of your site’s page. It’s very nice to have for non-code savvy users, but extremely binding in how you present your content.

With a visual builder you can visually create multi-column layouts where you have an extremely detailed level of control over your content, images, videos and banners along with that contents colors, surrounding paddings, margins, borders and much more. And the best part all of this is with the right visual builder these features can be available straight out-of-the-box!

That sounds great, but I don’t want my site to look like everyone else's…

And I get that. Creativity is the kool-aid packet in the giant jug of life. No one wants just water when we can have lemon-lime! And if your website was the same website as everyone else’s who would care to come to your site?

Not a problem; visual builders offer a huge level of customization. You can create user profiles that will give you access to just the elements you need, open the door to everything and play with your website story by story, update your theme’s custom elements allowing for awesome interpretations of its out-of-the-box elements, or create yourself a tight set of custom templates based on the needs of different sections of your website.

Truly, the opportunity for customization is only bound by your imagination.

With great power comes great responsibility.

I know many of you know this, but when you have the ability to do something it doesn’t always mean that you should do it. At times it’s often best to create a template using the visual composer page layout and then use that template to keep your page looking clean and professional. But every story is different and content will not lay out the same way every time. So the value of being able to adapt your previous layout elegantly to manage that information can really make your website stand apart fiercely from competition.

This sounds great, can my site use one?

Great question. There are tons of visual builders out and more than likely there is one that will suit your needs even without a CMS and the addition of some TLC. The first step is to get in touch and talk about your website needs and which visual builder would be right for you. After that let us discuss how we may be able to better customize your site to make your work in it faster, more efficient and cost effective over the long run. If you’re interested in additional information, please feel free to contact us. Or you’re always welcome to continue the conversation in the comments below. 

J.D. Cutter,

Senior Front-End Web Developer

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