Tuesday May 2nd, 2017

TSC Apparel: Catalog & Trade Shows

T-shirt manufacturer and wholesale distributor, TSC Apparel has long been recognized as a reliable supplier of the most-desired industry brands and as a go-to resource for basic products. Personalized customer service and making it easy to do business with them has become TSC’s overarching commitment to their customers. Graphica has worked to ensure that their 2017 product catalog and recent trade show experiences convey those critical key messages in a visually fresh style, differentiating TSC from its competitors.

While virtually all the competitors showcased models wearing product on their catalog covers, we suggested TSC take an entirely different approach and highlight the brand names and range of labels they distribute, using a bold graphic style. The colorful design architecture was applied throughout the book, providing clear delineation for categories of product. Simplification of messaging reinforced the concept of making it easy to do business with TSC and helped deliver a highly functional sales tool.

To produce a trade show experience that extended the new brand approach, Graphica designed a continuous, organic booth structure and fixturing that allowed the macro, wall-size graphics to do all the talking. The experience included encompassing the two exclusive house brands, Tultex and Ei-Lo, with imagery and video as unique as the brands themselves. The effect was one of power and simplicity — and got TSC the attention it deserves.