Thursday February 23rd, 2012

We listened. We learned. We made babies smile

Toys “R” Us understood that, by reinventing the Babies “R” Us brand to resonate with modern parents, the new brand's influence could be leveraged to maximize the full potential of the Babies “R” Us name.

The Toys “R” Us team knew this new brand would need to be extraordinary – fresh, appealing, and with a cachet that would convey all the joy associated with babies. They also felt it needed to capture the playful good humor and savvy self-awareness that distinguishes contemporary parents from parents of past generations.

With this vision as the goal, Toys “R” Us came to Graphica with the assignment. In a close working partnership with our client, we listened. We studied the category and, ultimately, we devised a holistic approach to solving the puzzle – which included both insightful strategy and our knowledge of modern parents.

The very charming challenge

Graphica delivered a strong, own-able brand identity for Babies “R” Us – a brand that could surprise, captivate and delight guests. But, important as it was to hit the emotional "sweet-spot" for Babies “R” Us, there were additional factors that made this brand-building assignment a ticklish proposition.

Since Babies “R” Us enjoys a well-established global presence, each product, package or design element would need to translate to multiple languages. With this in mind, development of an international brand guideline would be a key component to the brand's success.

Sweet new face. Smart little cookie.

Graphica devised a gender neutral color palette with bubbly graphic elements and captivating photographs of babies interacting with the brand-mark. By featuring these irresistible babies nestled within the brand-bubbles, Graphica created a signature brand-architecture to celebrate the exuberant joy of infancy.

Moving to the next level of the challenge, Graphica's team then solved the puzzle of multiple languages, products and categories with an elegantly deft design solution: A playfully simple system of icons, transcending language barriers and communicating all aspects of the products with pristine clarity. The icon system provides an intelligent shorthand guide for customers shopping for specific products, categories or features.

With this fusion of adorable design and intelligent, strategic thinking, Graphica created an endearing, enduring solution for Babies “R” Us that rocked both the cradle – and the brand!

The birth of this project was a joyride for us – challenging and satisfying! Stay tuned to see the Kids “R” Us brand follow in its little siblings’ footsteps!