Wednesday August 21st, 2013

When are one-off inbound marketing campaigns appropriate?

Your company has never had as much opportunity to involve its audience in new projects as it does today. You know that event you held last quarter with less-than-awesome attendance? Or the new product launch that went virtually unnoticed? Inbound marketing efforts are able to vastly improve results of these types of one-off marketing campaigns.

Any online or offline marketing effort that organically earns the attention of your target market is considered inbound marketing. As opposed to sending spam emails or buying media like TV spots or banner ads, you are providing valuable information to your prospects and allowing them to easily access it without interrupting them. Inbound efforts can include search engine optimization, social media marketing, blogging, and opt-in emails, to name a few.

One-off inbound marketing campaigns are appropriate for projects with a deadline. The project may be a donation drive, promoting an event, or communicating an important change or addition to your company’s offering. Whatever the goal, these campaigns can best integrate inbound marketing components with the following strategy:


Creating content for your audience is the first step. When promoting your campaign, prospective participants need to be able to find the essential information. Whether this content resides on a landing page specific to the event or project or elsewhere, this content is the epicenter of the campaign and needs to do the following:

  • Answer the audience’s questions
  • Be optimized for search engines
  • Include a call to action (link to register or donate, read more on promotion or product, request a demo)
  • Create excitement


Now it’s time for the fun part. It’s through new, online technology that we are given the ability to promote these campaigns and engage the audience better than ever. Sharing your quality content on inbound marketing channels like a blog, PR site, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, and YouTube allows you to keep consistent contact with the target market, gain a following, and create hype for your promotion. It’s best to start creating buzz for this campaign as soon as possible through teaser posts and blogs and keep it growing through engaging posts and interactions.

These messages can be tailored for the channel and type of campaign. For example, promoting trade show attendance on social media would be best executed through the following:

  • Develop a landing page with event information, registration instructions, and exciting reasons to attend
  • Create a LinkedIn and Facebook Event and share event updates as they happen
  • Start a hashtag on Twitter to keep your audience involved and adding to the conversation
  • Throughout the event, post live updates and engage with attendees to boost awareness
  • Add a YouTube channel for the event and share recordings or live streams to create hype and keep your audience engaged


One-off inbound marketing campaigns are a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t when engaging your target audience. Analyzing the results of your campaign is essential to gauge ROI. Be sure to measure the following to know exactly how your campaign performed:

  • Customers and qualified leads acquired
  • Traffic to the site, event page, etc.
  • Search traffic for your campaign
  • Social Media reach (hashtag mentions, blog comments, Facebook likes, shares of posts, videos and updates)
  • Continue Communication

Even though your deadline may have passed, it is essential to continue communication with your audience by doing the following:

  • Stay engaged on social media channels and encourage participants’ feedback
  • Write reaction blogs on lessons learned, synopsis of the event, how much money was collected, etc.
  • Collect and respond to feedback from participants
  • Submit updates to utilized channels (photos, news articles, guest blogs)

Inbound marketing allows you to reach a very large audience for little cost and a little bit of know-how. This, combined with the fact that people love to share great content, creates an opportunity to promote the great things your company is doing very efficiently.

What promotion, contest, or event is your company planning? More than likely, you could benefit from leveraging inbound efforts. Call Graphica to find out more about these types of strategies!

Pauline Jenkins,

Inbound marketing specialist