Airstream Brand Stewardship


Understanding brand personality helps Airstream maximize its brand equity.

Classic brands are amazing assets – but just as with heirloom silver, even the most iconic brands need to be continually polished and sharpened or they’ll lose their luster and relevance. A post in the Research Journal Blog of the University of Minnesota suggests this can best be accomplished if such brands embody “a story or lifestyle… across channels” creating “a deep-rooted connection between consumer and brand.”

The challenge: Update and extend a brand personality without changing it

Creating a brand story, visually and verbally, and extending it across channels is exactly how Graphica helps Airstream, maker of the classic American travel trailer. Of course, cultural icons need to be treated with both care and imagination, and our work demonstrates how to incorporate brand history with current lifestyle appeal.

Our solution: Draw the look and feel directly from the product

The connection Airstream owners feel with their trailers is as unique as the brand’s timeless product design. It was only natural, then, to extend the product design throughout brand communications in countless subtle ways, from hints of rivets and round window shapes to the appeal of signature silver/aluminum coloring. But rather than use these elements to just describe the product, we employ them to communicate the endless diversity of lifestyle applications, from mother-in-law suite to man cave to mobile recording studio. (All of which also requires us to use our considerable experience in working with talent to come up with models and wardrobe to realistically represent the varied lifestyle possibilities.)

The result?

A comprehensive, compelling tone, look and feel for the brand that can be incorporated easily and consistently by the client’s PR, electronic marketing and social media groups (yes, at Graphica we do play well with others).