Airstream Infographics

Iconic brand
needs iconic

Infographics proved to be the perfect vehicle for driving brand awareness.

Airstream’s goal is to stay in front of consumers with relevant topics about the brand. As the brand steward, Graphica knows that the Airstream audience is quite diverse with varying interests. We designed and scripted a series of clever and engaging infographics, rotating on a monthly basis to address specific consumer groups, which would provide the perfect forum to also address vastly different topics.

“Imagine the Possibilities”, a whimsical, illustrative look and feel, spoke to the more free-spirited audience to convey the many opportunities of ways to use your Airstream – man-cave, yoga studio, etc. “Spotting the Airstream” included clean line drawings depicting the trailer body evolution through the decades and was geared toward the engineer-type audience. And with a fun graphic style, we demonstrated the benefits of the silver bullet’s distinctive slippery curves and how the efficient and aerodynamic design allowed Airstreamers to “Go with the Flow”.