Babies “R” Us Global Branding


Creating a successful global brand architecture.

How important is it to rethink your brand architecture for today’s international branding needs? Research out of New York University points out that it is “critical to develop an explicit international brand architecture.” Of course, that structure must not only be clear and actionable for a marketing organization – most importantly, it must engage and even delight an extremely varied global audience.

Babies R' Us

The challenge: Appeal to contemporary parents across cultures

The example of Babies “R” Us shows how this complex task can result in a simple, workable international branding solution. The client approached Graphica with this set of must-haves: create broad international appeal; present the brand in a “visual vernacular” that could transcend language boundaries and speak convincingly to a new generation of parents who see themselves as distinctly modern; and deliver it in an easy-to-understand set of international brand guidelines.

Our solution: Humanity and simplicity

Today’s parents self-identify as more savvy, self-aware and good humored than those of previous generations, and Babies “R” Us branding needed to reflect how well the brand personality matched those values. Graphica created a simple, yet exuberant, visual brand architecture that celebrated the universally understood joy of infancy, employing fresh pastel colors and simple icons that could all transcend barriers of language and culture while still invoking the sheer delight of new parenthood.

The result?

Babies “R” Us was able to effectively position itself as a contemporary offering deserving of a brand premium in the global marketplace – an important bottom line consideration, as research demonstrates that “…the differentiated value provided by a firm…can create an image of a brand that might earn a 10-20% price premium…” In short, the development of a compelling international brand architecture was crucial if Babies “R” Us was to successfully support the parent company’s aggressive plans for global expansion.