Craftsmanship in brand design


Tee shirt maker TSC, wanted to impact the market with an edgy brand impression that would stand apart. Ei-Lo’s creative vibe is loaded with personality, expressed in layered transparencies, a dynamic type treatment and quirky icon system. Vivid, artistic photo expression brings the talent to life.


Ei-Lo Website

The Challenge: Infuse brand personality and extend its appeal

Ei-Lo was a niche, Southern California-based brand when it was purchased by tee shirt wholesale manufacturer, TSC Apparel. Our task was to develop a unique personality and strategy that would extend the brand appeal to a national audience and generate excitement within the blank wholesale premium tee shirt market.

Our Solution: Thread Together

By featuring makers across the country, who represent and fuel the creative movement, we told a story of commitment to craft, quality and design that not only spoke about them, but also to the innovative, end-users and described Ei-Lo’s promise to its customers - threading them all together. Utilizing a raw and real photo and video style, we captured the unique expression of each talented artist. Our voice spoke with a passionate spirit, wit and confidence.

The Result?

The market was psyched by the edgy brand image that celebrated like-minded creatives everywhere that positioned Ei-Lo on par with established, premium brands. And perfectly positioned the brand to deliver an entirely new revenue stream for TSC.