Crayola Product Development


Innovative products foster creative bonding experiences.

Graphica has a keen ability for developing products ahead of their time and it’s a good thing, since it’s a required skill if you want to play with the big kids, like Crayola. Through a trusted relationship, they knew they could rely on our insightful research and creativity to extend a new line of craft kits. Targeting a specific age and gender, each product was designed to encourage a hands-on crafting and assembly experience between a parent and child.

Working with a production timeline 18 months out, Graphica identified key colors, textures, graphic patterns and interior design trends that would influence purchasing decisions in the specific target category. We distilled our research findings and data into inspirational trend boards and created the line of dimensional products along with detailed specifications for each. Full-sized prototypes were also constructed to assist the Crayola team with sourcing materials and vendors in Asia.

While research drove the development process, we designed a product line that would represent a bright and whimsical extension of the Crayola brand – perfectly timed to resonate with its future market.