Dayton Audio – Consumer Rebranding

Turning up
the volume

How to reposition a house brand into a consumer hit.

What is rebranding? When do you know it’s time to rebrand? And are there any unseen opportunities right under your nose?

Sometimes you reposition and refresh a brand to stay relevant to a changing consumer. Changes in corporate structure or product make up can also necessitate a brand "rethink," possibly leading to a complete rebranding process.  But one of the more overlooked opportunities is “the hidden gem” factor – when a marketer has an under-utilized brand in its portfolio that could significantly boost sales with a little rethinking and refreshing. 

Dayton Audio Packaging

The challenge: Turn a house brand into a stand alone hit

Dayton Audio sold components and finished products within They were seen as a "house brand," rather generic and fairly invisible relative to the well-branded consumer audio competition – but a growing favorite of audio equipment reviewers. These experts were singing the praises of Dayton Audio products, but consumers weren’t getting a real chance to hear them. This brand gem, and its tremendous upside potential, remained hidden.

Our solution: Let performance and value speak for themselves

"Value brand" is often a euphemism for "low cost, lower quality," while "performance" typically implies "costly." To convincingly communicate the differentiating brand promise of high value plus high performance, we tapped into the wealth of independent reviewers, liberally quoting them as they repeatedly said things like “speakers of this quality tend to cost 3-4 times as much." Leveraging these authoritative endorsements, we were able to push the brand position and personality into a more assertive, direct-to-consumer posture, brought to life in a new website and collateral by bold graphics, with a fresh theme line (and attitude): awesomely affordable™.

The result?

Dayton Audio is now set to capture its share of the enormous market in finished consumer audio products, able to draw new consumers from both the performance and the value segments.