Dayton Children's Annual Report

Taking flight

A small annual report that tells a very BIG story.

The recipients of the 2013–2014 Dayton Children’s Hospital Annual Report may be initially surprised by its format, but the size makes perfect sense when considering the hospital’s small patients. And, while reminiscent of a child’s storybook, the year’s exciting overview is anything but a sleepy bedtime story!

Dayton Children's Hospital - 2013-2014 Taking Flight Annual Report

Graphica designed the annual’s interesting size and custom die-cut to reinforce the upward movement of the hospital's growth and future expansion plans. Inside, we brought a compelling narrative to life through a "countdown" of the years' top accolades. Other facts and stats were relayed through the colorful delivery of iconography/infographics, and candid "in the moment" photographs.

While concise and to the point in the print version, the information also expanded as a seamless experience in a companion microsite, developed by Graphica. In tandem, the small printed piece and the microsite provided the complex information of an annual report in a very personal and manageable way.

Good things (and big stories) can indeed come in small packages.

Dayton Children's 2013 – 2014 Online Annual Report