Evenflo Packaging Design


Packaging echoes product’s primary brand trait.

Evenflo is a contemporary company, always seeking to engineer and market the best possible products for today’s babies and toddlers, and of course – their parents. They needed a showcase packaging approach that would convey the numerous feature details in a manner befitting of their sophisticated brand.

When Graphica was asked to design and develop this packaging system, we knew it needed to communicate the product benefits in a clean and clear fashion to appeal to the busy mom we were targeting.

We developed a color coding system to delineate product categories and we kept the copy bulleted, in manageable blocks and easy-to-follow charts. The product was featured as the hero in photographs or through clear windows and lifestyle imagery was used as a secondary element, providing the bonding element between mother and baby.

At Graphica, we believe even the most basic products benefit from superior product design and deserve an ownable architecture to match.