Hexion Corporate Videos

value to life

Sometimes it’s just better to show it than to say it. Many B2B companies face the challenge of conveying the value of their products to their respective audience in a way that is engaging and relatable. Let’s face it. Sales brochures, websites, white papers and spec sheets may contain everything anyone would need to know about your product, but can be dry or too technical. Surely, there is a better option.

Video is a way to bring a seemingly mundane product or service to life in a way that is interesting, personal and even entertaining. Video helps you tell the story of your product and how it works, how it is used or even how it pertains to your audience in a way that may even surprise them.

Case in point … Hexion’s Corporate Overview Video, “Helping You Make It In Today’s World.” What starts out as a video about a chemical company turns into one beautiful image after another set to music showcasing the many applications of Hexion’s products and how they relate to everyday life. The viewer comes away captivated, with a better appreciation for their products and perhaps a desire to learn more about how Hexion can indeed help them make it in their world. It’s the friendly tone and personal connection that makes the difference. Try that with a spec sheet!

Engineered and composite wood panels, what are those? Another great example of how video can demonstrate complicated business capabilities and educate the customer is the “Engineered Wood All Around You” video that Graphica created for Hexion. With inviting and comforting images, it demonstrates the many uses of Hexion’s products to create everyday items that most of us do not realize would not be possible without their technology. These products are all around us made possible by the chemistry and innovation of Hexion.

Advances in technology have made video and interactive content production, lead times and costs more within the reach of marketing budgets. More importantly, the Internet has made it easier and more economical for your target audience to find your content. While traditional spec sheets, white papers and brochures will still have an important place in a marketing plan, digital content can more effectively educate, demonstrate processes and showcase the value of your product or service.

As a $5 billion B2B supplier of resins, base chemicals and adhesives, Hexion can definitely agree that video and interactive graphics have helped promote their products to multiple industries including automotive, aerospace, wind energy, oil and natural gas, and the forest products industry.

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