Hexion Online Sales Support Center


How to boost sales with better access to sales materials.

What’s holding back your sales force? According to the Harvard Business Review, two of the top ten reasons sales people lose business are marketing related: “ineffective messaging” and “poor pre-sale resources.” Even if the former is addressed, providing the latter is still a challenge, particularly for global sales organizations like Graphica client Hexion, which serves diverse industries with a wide range of products.

Hexion Sales Support Center

The challenge: Provide easy access to a literal world of products

As a global leader in specialty chemicals for multiple industrial and consumer categories, Hexion relies on a worldwide sales force to maintain and grow its annual sales of over $8 billion. They had a sales materials intranet, but its poor user interface, complicated by a lack of key functionality such as search and materials preview, left the site largely unused and the sales force ill-equipped.

Our solution: A simplified, centralized sales materials site

Graphica replaced the old Hexion site with a completely new Sales Support Center that is inviting, simple to use and packed with timesaving, sales-enhancing functionality. Now sales people can easily search for exactly the sales materials they need, preview them online before ordering, and get swift fulfillment of any sales piece, thanks to the global printing network Graphica helped create, including on-demand printing. The secure site also provides quick links to other sales aids, including logos, PowerPoint templates, promotional items, trade show schedules and even Hexion-licensed stock photography.

The result?

Site use is significantly up, turbocharged by the Graphica-created email campaign which invited all sales people to participate. We tracked their response and then followed up with non-users to ensure better trial and adoption.

Best of all, in today’s tough business environment, in which research shows improved marketing communications to be one of the top ways to improve sales, Hexion is significantly better-equipped to compete.