Holloway Catalog and Brand Identity

to win

A powerful image conveys greater value.

Like star athletes, brands require discipline and character to excel. Companies with unfocused branding risk losing valued customers to their competition.

Through a brand restructure, Graphica infused the Holloway name with the strength and excitement they would need to gain a better long-term position in the market.

We devised a new strategy for Holloway, starting with an identity guidelines and a high-impact graphic direction for their apparel catalog. While the graphic “personality” of the catalog changes from year-to-year in keeping with the high-end shoe brand image, the core traits of whitespace and organization create focus for the real stars – the hero apparel shots. This design architecture also extends to their website and print ads for continuity of their brand message.

The redesign has set a higher bar for Holloway – one that better reflects their price point and the high quality of their products.