Holloway Sportswear Integrated Branding Campaign

a leader

Raising the bar to enhance marketplace relevance solidifies customer relationships.

As a recognized leader for high-quality sportswear, Holloway was facing increased competition from high profile “shoe brands” and lower-end apparel companies. With aggressive future sales goals, Holloway turned to Graphica to develop a strategy to create greater brand differentiation.

The challenge: Differentiate Holloway by reminding customers of the “extras”

As a proven and trusted brand, Holloway needed to break through the marketplace clutter and help customers understand that they were more than just their products. Through competitive research and consumer insight, we uncovered that Holloway customers value the unexpected extras that come through a strong connection and commitment from their sportswear provider. Holloway’s trend-forward styles, advanced technology, extensive decorating capability and deep product inventory demonstrate their industry leadership, while their value-added services, product expertise and customer support all combine to set Holloway apart in the marketplace.

Our solution: Transform the buying proposition to focus on the relationship

Graphica developed a more emotional branding story for Holloway, one that didn’t focus solely on product features and benefits. By creating the “Holloway Plus” positioning, and implementing it through their catalogs, advertising, promotions and website, Graphica helped Holloway shift the focus from a transaction to a trusted relationship.

The result?

Through an integrated branding campaign, Graphica was able to gain immediate customer attention through coordinated messaging that helped Holloway to stand out from the competition, build strategic differentiation and create sales growth opportunities.