Honeywell Into the Blue Content Marketing

that soars

In brand journalism, quality content is always good news.

Content marketing. Thought leadership. Brand journalism. There’s one essential ingredient required to turn these popular marketing buzzwords into powerful marketing strategies: quality. Excellent design. Truly useful, objective information. In short, exactly the reasons why Honeywell Aerospace turned to Graphica when it wanted to create a unique, information-based relationship with high-level decision makers at major airlines.

The challenge: Rise above the content marketing crowd

In an era of declining trust in traditional corporate advertising (as reported by multiple studies, including the Edelman Trust Barometer), providing useful content has become the new coin of the marketing realm. Honeywell Aerospace knew from experience that reaching its well-educated and sophisticated target audience of airline executives would take content of the highest order. Breaking through to this elite target required a brand publishing approach including:

  • Innovative publication design
  • Engaging content
  • Excellent writing

They also needed a solution that would reflect their position as a provider of answers and ideas, not just a seller of products – something that could become a valuable resource for the entire airline industry.

Our solution: Content that engages, informs and delights

Graphica responded with Into The Blue a multi-platform magazine with both print and electronic editions that offered original industry news, insight and analysis on a quarterly basis. The combination of design excellence, thought-provoking writing and useful information perfectly represented and amplified the brand’s image without self-consciously selling.

Our complete custom-publishing service provided Honeywell with an easy, turn-key content creation resource, including:

  • Publication concept
  • Naming
  • Publication design
  • Editorial management
  • Article writing

The result?

Airlines executives, working in one of the most challenging industries, got a new source of valuable business and technology information. And Honeywell Aerospace? It enjoyed a regular welcome into the offices, and mindsets, of its most important customers and prospects – all thanks to quality content marketing that truly soars.