Kids “R” Us Global Branding


Updated branding gives this sibling a unique identity

Following great success in the global rebranding of the Babies “R” Us line, the parent company, Toys “R” Us, asked us to breathe new life into their under-utilized Kids “R” Us packaging for toddlers. We were excited to further build on this family foundation, and to add even more emotional consistency to the customer’s journey with these trusted brands. As the article “The Three Cs of Customer Satisfaction…” on reinforces, “Consistency is the secret ingredient to making customers happy”. Bearing all this in mind, we still wanted to let this Kids “R” Us toddler stand on his own legs.

Through smart consumer insight, we embraced the common threads of the family lineage, but set out to make Kids “R” Us unique within its target age group. We energized the product packaging, giving it a lively personality with vibrant hues and playful category icons which are embedded in the custom background patterns. The logo lockup includes happy toddler photography interacting with pod-shaped building blocks. A branding guideline was also developed to reinforce messaging and usage.

With its freshly updated identity, we can’t help but brag…we think the Kids “R” Us brand is headed for quite a growth spurt.