Log-ic Integrated Marketing Campaign


Temperature matters and so does access to real-time data.

With its line of temperature indicators and RFID monitoring, American Thermal Instruments (ATI) provides millions of dollars worth of risk protection to its customers every day in the pharmaceutical, food, medical and industrial/chemical markets. To further protect critical shipments all the way down to the last mile, ATI’s NFC option for Log-ic 360™ loggers and smartphones, made checking shipments easy, even for small volume shipments at remote locations. The fully functional Log-ic 360™ Mobile App enables recipients to review complete temperature history, including detailed charts, graphs and reports.

To emphasize and demonstrate ATI’s leading technology focus and latest developments, Graphica designed advertising, trade show graphics and a visually simple and impactful motion graphic, for launch at product events and on the ATI website. These integrated tools effectively communicate the easy-to-use and cost-saving benefits of Log-ic’s smartphone application and the Log-ic options that allow customers to reduce package weight, export data easily and monitor temperature at any point in their cold chain.

Graphica also developed the personalized ATI DataNow microsite to allow customers to gain immediate, 24/7 access to vital data (stored in the cloud) uploaded from their cold chain. This microsite empowered customers to pinpoint precise temperature excursions, allowed for immediate decision support, documentation and data sharing in global applications. It even included a map to visually identify the exact location of a temperature excursion.

ATI Tradeshow Display