Midmark Animal Health

Leader of
the pack

A thought leader educates, informs – and sells total solutions.

Real thought leadership doesn’t push products, it offers up innovative solutions. After all, B2B customers don’t want to be sold, they want to increase sales. Of course to do that they need new levels of information and education beyond traditional sales materials – exactly what Graphica’s integrated marketing effort delivered for Midmark Animal Health.

The challenge: Intrigue and inform

Veterinary equipment innovator Midmark was respected as a provider of quality products, but needed the marketplace to see it in a new light, as a total solutions provider. They challenged us to position, and communicate, their brand in a fresh way that would:

  • Capture their busy prospects’ attention
  • Explain how Midmark products open up new revenue streams
  • Educate their prospects on the ways Midmark products improve patient care
  • Demonstrate how better products = better care = better ROI
  • Let prospects see for themselves that Midmark is committed to their success, with valuable business and technical expertise to share

Our solution: A unique brand positioning, and personality to match.

Graphica developed a new brand strategy, including the positioning and messaging platform, to communicate Midmark’s status as a more innovative practice partner. The unique brand personality and voice, conveyed partly through pets, was purposefully quirky but also to the point. Each ad posed a key question on prospects’ minds, letting pets answer with a consistent reply of “Totally!” These ads drove prospects to a new website that demonstrated Midmark’s product offering and new ideas through in-depth, and often interactive, content, and included important “prove it to yourself” features like an ROI calculator.

The result?  

The brand positioning set Midmark distinctly apart; the personality attracted new attention and created a receptive mood; and the in-depth content on the website confirmed the brand as a leading total solutions source with business-building products, ideas and support for veterinarians.