Midmark Clinical Solutions


Healthcare content marketing meets online expertise.

In an era of healthcare marketing overload and low trust in traditional messaging (as reported in multiple studies), leaders don’t lead by pushing a sales pitch – they pull in prospects by first offering to help with information, education and insight. In short, they build both brand image and relationships by demonstrating thought leadership, not simply proclaiming it. One great example is how Midmark Clinical Solutions cultivates customers through healthcare content marketing.

The challenge: Help busy healthcare providers see the big picture

Busy doctors and healthcare administrators need help in seeing the possibilities for their own clinical environments before they can be expected to invest in upgrading. Midmark needed to find a simple, compelling way to educate healthcare providers, in the format most likely to reach this busy target audience. This initiative needed to coordinate the connectivity of product to improved patient interaction helping physicians rethink their clinical workflow.

Our solution: An interactive, animated, iPad-friendly microsite

Workflow is not a static consideration – it’s all about movement – and so static communications couldn’t lead the way. Instead, Graphica proposed an interactive microsite that would determine the most pertinent information for each prospect via a quick on-site questionnaire. Site visitors could then view their specific area of interest, and drill down through easy-to-understand navigation to their desired level of detail. Simple but impactful animations in each area also quickly demonstrated the benefits of each workflow approach – and of course, visitors were given easy links to information on the Midmark products that make these improvements possible. Perhaps best of all, the entire site was optimized not only for SEO purposes but also for use on the iPads and other tables that have become such common and critical tools for the target audience.

The result?

Midmark has moved to the fore as an innovator in clinical workspace enhancement, firmly establishing itself as a go-to thought leader for new ideas, easy-to-understand guidance, and state-of-the-art healthcare furniture, fixtures, instruments and equipment.