Midmark “Rethink Vital Signs” Program


A revolutionary approach to a traditional process.

A patient’s vitals are where their care begins – from office visits to treatment. And while the vitals process hasn’t changed much in 30 years, healthcare has evolved dramatically. Midmark initiated research to explore how new technologies could improve workflow efficiencies as well as positively enhance patient-caregiver interactions. Their discoveries would revolutionize the industry.

Armed with their research, Midmark engaged Graphica to help bring these new findings to market. The concept “Rethink Vital Signs” was designed to work in tandem with their successful Clinical Solutions website and collateral. The efficiencies, gained through time and spatial dynamics, needed to be presented graphically – and still focus on assuring patient safety and comfort, as well as accuracy of the vitals information.

Graphica brought the benefits of these improved workflow scenarios to life in a collateral piece with compelling photography and also through website animations and a 90-second video infused with motion graphics.

Collectively this initiative introduced an improved approach to the foundation of efficient patient care, while also proving Midmark to be a trusted thought leader in their industry. In the second quarter after launching the vitals initiative, they doubled their market share for vitals products – proof that sometimes, it pays to rethink.

Midmark “Rethink Vital Signs” Program