Name Your Airstream Website

A riveting

Building a deeper connection with an iconic brand

Several years ago Mollie Hansen, Airstream’s Director of Marketing, had a big idea: to engage owners of new and vintage Airstreams in a “share your trailer’s name” project. (She has two restored Airstream “babies” of her own.) Realizing the passionate attachment that proud Airstream owners feel for their riveted chariots, and knowing the power of capturing a database of previously unknown owners of vintage Airstream trailers and coaches, she commissioned Graphica to develop a microsite and web banner ads to captivate this elusive audience.

The Naming Registry we created reflects the tremendous love Airstream owners feel for their trailers, and spurs them to make a deeper connection with the Airstream “Virtual Caravan” community. Phase I includes a basic online registration tool, with the reward of a customized “Welcome Kit” direct mail package developed by Graphica, and a connection to a web page that owners can use to share their Airstream’s name, history, and dazzling photo. The full launch will include compelling web banner ads and a targeted landing page, sure to be filled with the creative and fun-loving monikers that Airstreamers have bestowed on their beloved silver babies.