NewPage Internal Communications

Communicate your
employee brand

Internal communications for effective employee branding.

According to the Gallup organization, which has researched the subject for over 30 years, investing in effective employee branding yields big benefits inside and outside an organization. Companies that build and nurture a strong employee brand

  • Attract higher quality talent
  • Enjoy lower turnover rates
  • Achieve better employee engagement at work
  • Are more likely to convert employees into active brand ambassadors.

The challenge: Create internal communications that make a difference

Effective employee branding requires consistent, and meaningful, internal communications to convey the full range of employee programs and benefits, as well as to invest all stakeholders in being part of the larger brand experience.

As Gallup notes, “Job applicants and employees alike want to know: What are the benefits of committing to your organization? Your employment brand must connect both rationally and emotionally with candidates and current employees.”

For NewPage, America’s largest provider of coated printing paper, this meant creating an internal communications program that could reach diverse audiences (with varying degrees of electronic access) spread across multiple locations.

Our solution: Healthy doses of information and encouragement

Graphica worked with NewPage to develop communications that emphasized key employee benefits – like health care and wellness programs – and also encouraged internal audiences to take pride in, and ownership of, the impact of the brand externally. This included

  • Developing four print newsletters for different internal audiences
  • Creating new employee programs around wellness and brand advocacy
  • Rebranding the company intranet to better fit the new integrated effort.

The result?

NewPage employees have a new-found appreciation for the good their company does, and for the benefits they’re receiving as those who bring the brand to life. NewPage, in turn, is better able to attract, retain and nurture its most important asset, its people. And, according to the employee branding researchers at Gallup, the corporation overall is poised “… to win in today's hypercompetitive, post-financial-crash global marketplace, [recognizing] the untapped potential that their employees… represent,” and by arming them with “the knowledge and resources they need to be effective brand ambassadors.”