OfficeMax Services Center


How to improve in-store customer experience and boost ROI

Yes, better design – simpler, clearer, more emotionally motivating visual and verbal creativity – can produce better ROI. A major annual survey, the Global Brand Simplicity Index™ (PDF), states that it leads to “…decision instead of doubt... Simplicity inspires deeper trust and greater loyalty in customers...” It’s a truth borne out in our work for OfficeMax.

OfficeMax Services Center

The challenge: Get OfficeMax customers to see more solutions

OfficeMax offers a variety of sought-after capabilities and services in its Print Center. However, the stores’ multitude of offerings created a visual complexity that kept customers from seeing the center, and existing signage didn’t strongly communicate the range of services at hand. Through research with small business owners and new mapping of the in-store customer experience, we identified a number of opportunities for better educating, directing and motivating the customer.

Our solution: Improve both clarity and emotional resonance

Clarity is a visual and verbal concern – so first we changed the name to “Services Center,” reflecting its much-more-than-just-printing capabilities. Then we cleared a path to the center with wayfinding signage using colors and graphics that improved visual cues and emotional appeal. Finally, we made the center easier to understand and use, creating a self-explaining menu board, self-presenting Sample Binder and even a free-standing Inspiration Center to help customers imagine the full range of business-building options available. The new identity extended seamlessly to touchpoints beyond the store, including web banner ads and a small business welcome kit.

The result?

A healthy ROI for OfficeMax, and a more gratifying, get-right-to-the-point experience for its busy, small business customers.